Process Equipment Design & Build:

Digital Interactions has been successfully designing and installing industrial process equipment for over 35 years. We specialize in custom mechanical equipment with a leaning toward the glass industry. We pride ourselves in simple solutions to complex customer problems.

Design Tools:

Using Autodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate, we can efficiently design your equipment from a single item to a complete factory. Autodesk Inventor allows us to work interactively with our customers. Working in 3D either in the office or by electronic collaboration, the designs quickly change from ideas to reality.

Project Management:

Working with proven machine shops, we are able to insure the equipment is built to our specifications. We provide support from the idea to a successful installation and startup.

Database Design:

Digital Interactions offers cost-effective solutions for small to mid-sized databases. We can quickly convert your information into an easy-to-use database tool. We also offer a runtime database that can be distributed to customers or employees royalty-free which means you don't need to worry about what software the end-user has. Let us quickly and cost-effectively solve your information problems.


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